Mar 10, 2022

Would you eat your cereal box?

New global study reveals that consumers are open to edible packaging, showcasing the potential for the market.
Elisabeth Skoda

A broad study in seven large markets across the world, has revealed how far people are prepared to go – or not to go – to support sustainable products.  Brand insights agency Nepa asked over 5600 consumers what they wished they would find on the shelves in ten years’ time, revealing new opportunities for the packaging industry.

Although people in the UK aren’t willing to make long-term changes when it comes to their diet – only 36% wish to see vegan alternatives outselling meat – innovative trends in the packaging industry appear to be welcomed.

Whether made from rice flour, wheat or sorghum, many people surveyd say that they are ready to eat their boxes across all markets, with 53% of people globally wishing to see edible packaging on the supermarket shelves. The countries most in favour are India and China with over 70% of positive respondents. Others were somewhat more sceptical, with 55% of people in Brazil, 47% in Germany and 44% in the UK saying they would eat their cereal box.

Particularly favourable to this type of packaging in the UK are people between 65 and 74, with 54% of them wishing to see edible packs in the future. However, younger people are also on board with 48% of those between 18 and 24 looking forward to chew on their packs.  

“Although the variance in markets is wide, the majority of people are ready to experiment in certain areas for a more sustainable future” says Lindsay Parry, Managing Director at Nepa UK. “Being sustainable is a must for packaging brands, this industry can really make a difference by supporting innovation, new trends and knowing the differences in needs and wishes around the world”.


Nepa conducted an online survey with 5618 people in UK, Germany, Sweden, US, India, China and Brazil, asking them what they wish would come true in 10 years’ time, across a range of industries including Food & Beverage, FMCG and Retail.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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