Oct 11, 2021

What is the key to attracting attention at the point of sale?

Sappi explains how its recently developed folding box boards can help to create a sense of luxury for premium cosmetics and chocolates.
Elisabeth Skoda

In general, consumers make up their minds within only a fraction of a few seconds as to whether they are interested in a product or not. Look and feel, functionality and the overall value perception are key: these attributes are the core elements in packaging when – after the first visual impression – consumers “sense of truth” comes into play at the point of sale – especially in the premium sector where packaging material standards and expectations are sky-high. Once overcoming the already high hurdle of being visually recognized by consumers, it is the rigidity of paperboard in terms of strength, bulk and stability can translate into the value of the packed content.  

High brightness of the paperboard does not only create the base for precise images and colour reproduction, but equally – like in photography – allows to set the right “temperature in imaging”, maximizing precision in setting the stage to communicate on core brand values and thus obtaining the desired consumer perception. The paperboard also allows for a multitude of sophisticated finishing techniques to be processed.

An example of premium packaging that exhibits all of these virtues is the stylishly finished folding box of the women’s fragrance Paradise by Flormar. To convey the exclusive brand message of the perfume, the Turkish cosmetics company chose to work with the packaging manufacturer PrintPark. Sappi’s high-bright Folding Box Board 1, Atelier, was the choice of PrintPark for this project and the result is described as a playful, yet stylish packaging that promises an exclusive product experience in terms of look and feel.

One of the biggest challenges was to select the right packaging material base. The virgin fibre FBB1 Atelier from Sappi meets all of the specified standards in terms of brightness, rigidity and finishing options. Mr. Ferit Dansık, Owner and Managing Director of PrintPark, explains: "Atelier from Sappi, as it has a smooth surface and silky feel in addition to high brightness, and it is suitable for all kinds of demanding printing and finishing techniques. The digital varnish contrasts with the delicate pastel shades of the packaging."

Mr. Dansık’s choice for Turkish chocolate manufacturer Benuta was also Atelier. PrintPark seeked a functional paperboard with an understated yet stylish appeal for their premium chocolate packaging project. When asked why PrintPark chose Atelier from Sappi as the packaging material, Mr. Dansık explains: ‘It offers the qualities of a premium virgin fibre paperboard that is suitable for complex finishes. For digital varnish, we seek a very smooth, even and consistent surface to have the best possible effect.’

The rich burgundy hues, the golden foil finish and the silky feel give the box of chocolates the sense of a luxury item. The virgin fibre paperboard from Sappi is also safe for use in direct contact without compromising the precious chocolates in their taste or aroma.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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