Oct 11, 2021

wagamama launches into retail with design by Brandon

Pack design for wagamama retail range sets out to make it easier for for customers to both get clear cooking instructions and add their own touch.
Elisabeth Skoda

All About Food and wagamama have announced that they are bringing the Asian restaurant brand into retail, with a range of meal kits, pastes and sauces to encourage consumers to create their own wagamama experience at home.

With the UK hospitality industry pretty much closed down for most of 2020, wagamama launched ‘Wok from Home’, which allowed consumers to recreate their favourite dishes under the guidance of its Global Executive Chef and Brand Ambassador, Steve Mangleshot, but in their own way.

After seeing the positive impact of Wok From Home, wagamama decided to extend their home cooking offering. The brand had discovered that consumers want to expand their cooking repertoire but that they’re unsure of what to do.  The emphasis of the new grocery range is placed on giving buyers the tools they need to recreate the beloved waga taste, but allowing for a touch of creative flair.

Steve Conchie, Executive Creative Director at Brandon, says:

“This was the basis for the design territory of ‘add your own touch’, which is brought to life on pack through photography that heroes the food, and illustrations that visually represent the consumer ‘adding their own touch’ and getting creative in the kitchen.”

The back of pack makes it easy for consumers to recreate the restaurant flavours with clear ‘shop’ and ‘cook’ sections for the ingredients list and cooking instructions, as well as handy tips, tricks and hacks to make the range as versatile as possible.

Conchie adds:

“Obviously, it was also important to make this range clearly from wagamama to drive brand awareness in a new channel, so its instantly recognisable identity takes pride of place against a black background to signal its premium quality. Additional key assets, such as the wagamama red tab and Wok from Home logo, are used to communicate its ‘from bowl to soul’ message and to create a clear link back to the all-important tips and cooking instructions to encourage trial.”

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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