Oct 11, 2021

Bahlsen: Uniting tradition and modernity

We shine a spotline on the Bahlsen brand redesign that will be available in shops from summer 2021.
Elisabeth Skoda

As part of its gloal relaunch, Bahlsen has shaken up its packaging design, putting the brand's identity and tradition centre stage.

The relaunch is a substantional step in the 132 year history of the company's brand identity. It breaks with established conventions and is described as underlining the company's commitment to art, beauty and craft. The new positioning carries the handwriting of the Bahlsen family, now in its fourth generation, and highlights the features that define Bahlsen as the brand, and positions the product in the centre as a "work of art".

Bahlsen's new design sets out to be a modern classic, courageous and distinctive, using design elements that made the company well known in the past, such as the writing, the TET sign and the blue colour.  

"We are steering the company towards the future and are creating a look that unites tradition and modernity, said Bahlsen's CEO Phil Rumbol.

"Today, consumers expect brands and products that are authentic and unique and create trust with their personality. Bahlsen stands for quality and reliability, and in the future, we will put our brands at the centre stage."

The relaunch was preceeded by years of deliberation and work of different design agencies. The final new design was created by Italian design agency Auge.

"Auge has fulfilled our task to understand the brand and to capture its spirit and identity, and combine all elements in a way that is at the same time distinctive, beautiful and courageous," adds Phil Rumbol.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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