UNI whisky

For women seeking a drink that best fits their values, UNI is a whisky brand that exists to bridge the gap between male and female drinkers.
Michelle Kim

The gender imbalance within whisky marketing calls for the brand to unite all, to unite myth with reality with the help of Scotland's national animal: the unicorn. To engage with those who have a sweeter palate, each product sources berries from Scotland for a smooth finish. UNI is designed to be present, modern and to be the new drink worth raving about.

Design Process: In the pursuit of balance, UNI’s main goal was to develop a strong and consistent system. The brand needed to capture an ethereal ambiance in its tone of voice, a welcoming spirit for its drinkers and meaningful craftsmanship through flavor. This meant combining opposing forces: taking something vintage and making it modern, as well as taking something considered a myth and making it into reality. Inspired by Victorian lettering, flourishing nature graphics and minimal line art, the design expressed connection and harmony.

The identity of UNI was thoughtfully developed into a monogram that represented three words: united, new-fashioned and imaginative. Each product balanced the SKU’s flavor with an illustration of Scotland’s national animal, finalizing into a delicate yet efficacious border of gold foil berries that enveloped around the brand’s symbol. The end result produced a premium look meant to transcend boundaries between male and female drinkers, staying consistent to its mythical roots. The two pouch SKU’s were additional challenges that took a simple pouch and made it into something premium – a drink worthy of the unicorn.

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Michelle Kim

My name is Michelle, but you can also call me Mich. I'm a designer specializing in packaging and brand design, coming from the Packaging Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I'm always passionate about learning new technology, fueled by innovative storytelling and the occasional cup of coffee at 3AM. When I'm not staring at my computer screen I like to immerse myself in R&B and lo-fi, preferably Keshi.

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