Oct 11, 2021

Tackling the challenge of designing packs for professional kitchens

Göttsche Design develops packaging with clear design elements for B2B hot drinks brand deleev & BO.
Elisabeth Skoda

The 221 products of deleev & BO must be recognisable quickly with no risk of confusion. After ordering, the staff at the counter must be able to intuitively reach for the right type of hot drink, even under stress.

Göttsche Design therefore placed particular emphasis on clear design elements when building the brand for B2B hot beverage specialist deleev & BO. At the same time, they weighed up much branding is useful in the professional kitchen. At deleev & BO, it is just enough, so that the kitchen professionals still use the original packaging and the brand can build up awareness.

Göttsche Design developed the new brand step by step directly with the founders and investors. The start-up deleev & BO stands for high-quality premium products in the hot beverage market, especially in the tea and powder segments, and its products are distributed in Central and Eastern Europe.

The characteristic name deleev & BO means "true love" - a synthesis of the Low-German "de Leev" (love) and the Chinese "Bo", which means "valuable". For the logo, Göttsche Design used the “modern yet elegant” font Garamond Premier Pro. This suits the character of the Port of Hamburg, an important place for the brand, and where the tea from China is handled. The use of very simple icons is important, as in the professional kitchen, like in hotels and coffee shops, everything must be done quickly and with no risk of confusion. As the founders repeatedly emphasized during the development process: "Time is money!

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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