Oct 11, 2021

Strong visuals to make jam stand out on the shelf

Fearne & Rosie has revealed a bold new look for its range of reduced sugar jams and spreads for children, created by Bun Studio.
Elisabeth Skoda

British jam brand Fearne & Rosie has revealed a bold new look for its range of reduced sugar jams and spreads for children.  The new design, which has been created by Bun Studio, aims to bring to life the fun, feel-good personality of the brand and appeal to more families looking for healthier spread alternatives. Strong visuals and brighter, bolder graphics have been used to create greater stand out on shelf.  

Bun Founder Victoria Hemphill says: “It was clear from the start we needed to create a playful, happy, educational brand appealing to the whole family. The branding and illustration is bold, colourful and charming reflecting the honest, tasty goodness of the products. Added delights such as ‘a jolly sticky situation’ (puzzles for the family) and bringing to life the girls on their farm, means that families can really enjoy the new magical world of Fearne & Rosie!”

Pitched as perfect for spreading, stirring, baking and dolloping, the reduced sugar range  contains 40% less sugar than the competition and are made in the UK using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Following a Waitrose launch at the end last month, Ocado will take Strawberry, Raspberry Blackcurrant and Cherry variants from next week (£RRP: £2.50) as the brand continues to grow their national retailer listings.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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