Oct 11, 2021

"Smart and sustainable" cosmetics subscription box

The box is made from recycled Eco Kraft paper and is designed to be reusable and interactive.
Elisabeth Skoda

Pollard Boxes has created a presentation box for the Limited Edition lookfantastic® beauty subscription box in collaboration with REN Clean Skincare.

REN’s current aim is to be waste free by the end of 2021; so lookfantastic® wanted a pack that was either recycled, recyclable or reusable to fit with the REN brand ethos.

The Limited-Edition subscription box featured a set of miniature REN Skincare products to introduce customers to the brand without having to invest immediately in a full-sized bottle or pot.

The box was made from 100% recycled Eco Kraft paper to ensure that it remained sustainable without compromising on quality. The option to include shredded Kraft paper inside the box provided additional protection for the products to minimise the risk of damage in transit.

With an emphasis on reuse, the inside lid of the box was printed with detailed instructions on how the box could be repurposed after delivery. The colourful finish helped to create a strong brand identity and was achieved with vegetable-based inks. The pack also featured a QR code to make it interactive. It was printed within the lid which, when scanned, gave access to a beauty themed online-magazine, blending the digital world with a physical object in the customers' hands.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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