Røre skincare

NABA student Helena Sirianni presents her take on a new skincare brand.
Helena Sirianni

In our latest Nest submission, NABA student Helena Sirianni presents her take on a new skincare brand.

Project Description: Skincare is all about caring for yourself and your future self. Touching our skin is a ritual we should be doing every day. Being half Danish I decided to name my skincare brand “Røre”, which means “touch” in Danish. Røre cares for its costumers and it’s easy to understand. Every product has its own explanation on what it does for you and when/how you can use it. The tone of voice is youthful and simple, so that even people that are new to the skincare world can understand. The packaging is colourful and yet again simple. The bright colours attract the ones looking, distinguishing them from other products on the market.

Design Process: What I worked is something that should be a key point to everyone's lives. Skincare. I thought about how skincare is something that makes us feel good and alive. Which is why I have decided to use youthful and vivid colours. The packaging itself is simple, clear to understand and eye catching. Just like skincare should be.

Helena Sirianni

I am a Danish-Italian 21 year old student currently studying Graphic Design and Art Direction at NABA. Right now, I am trying to figure out who I want to be in life. I know for sure I want to be in the editorial field, particularly magazines. Even though I do not want to do only one thing. Who knows? I might become an astronaut later in life. www.behance.net/helenasirianni

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