May 19, 2022

Putting the food centre stage

Brandon has worked with Biff’s on developing a retail brand identity and packaging for ‘Biff's Plant Shack’ which heroes the food and its taste, moving away from an image of 'dry, bland' vegan food.
Elisabeth Skoda

The global health and wellness trend has seen a move to more plant-based food in our lives, from vegan to flexitarian. Biff spotted an opportunity in the market to widen the reach of its vegan range to a wider audience by taking some of their 'playful, ethics-with-edge ethos' into what can be a somewhat "staid and corporate looking" category.

Simon Ellis, Client Service Director at Brandon says:

“Biff’s was already well known to vegan food enthusiasts and plant-based adopters in the UK. Having launched as a street food stall in Hackney in 2017 Biff's has since gone from strength to strength in restaurants and food delivery, building a cult following with their unique take on vegan street food across the UK. With a gap in the retail market for a vegan brand offering truly indulgent get your hands dirty food, we embraced the opportunity to partner with the Biff's team to develop their retail brand identity.

With an existing strong brand presence online and across outlets in the UK our challenge was to respectfully work with their suite of brand assets to create an identity fit for retail, one that would speak to those already aware of the brand and to those who might be coming to Biff's anew. Crucially, we needed to ensure that Biff’s felt relevant in a fast-growing category already becoming saturated with worthy and wholesome plant-based offerings."

Jonathan Rogers, Creative Director at Brandon continues:

“When we met with th Biff’s team what we immediately understood is that vegan food doesn’t just have to be for those with dietary requirements and furthermore that the incredibly dated stereotypes of green, dry and ultimately boring vegan food just didn’t apply here!

Working with Biff's suite of existing assets we needed to make this brand feel as visually exciting as the incredible products. Hero-ing the food here felt like a no brainer, ooey-gooey cheezey fries,  the juicy Crispy Fried Jackfruit Burger and unique jackfruit wingz with a ‘bone’  were crying out to be showcased. Combining these mouth-watering shots with a bold and vibrant background, contrasting type built from Biff's signature energetic typeface and a cheeky tone of voice means there’s no chance of you missing these on the shelf.

Creating bespoke illustrations for use on back of pack also helped to build the Biff's suite of distinctive assets as they work on creating digital content to support the launch, with this wider suite of packaging assets also setting them up for success for any future NPD”

Christa Bloom-Burrows, CMO at Biff's said:

“The Biff's Plant Shack range is bringing a new perspective in vegan to retail, and we can’t wait to make our ‘plants from the streets’ more accessible to a wider audience.  Brandon were able to pull out our most delicious brand details whilst creating something that was cleaner, bolder, and optimised for maximum stand out on shelf and beyond.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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