Jun 1, 2022

"Punchy" design for new mascara

L’Oréal and Texen collaborate on developing Maybelline’s Curl Bounce mascara with a "punchy" design and a textured décor evoking the mesh of a Bluetooth speaker.
Elisabeth Skoda

For this dual launch – with references for the US and for Europe, the technicality of the product and a strict timeframe meant a close collaboration between the brand’s teams and those of Texen in the US and France.

The product development process was managed on a local basis and then duplicated internationally. This organization enabled the development to be achieved within a timeframe comparable to that of a local project, and even to bypass certain challenges. In the context of virtual collaboration, risk management and validation methods proved their viability.

Texen piloted this transatlantic project from France (developing the molds, putting in place the decoration processes, industrial automation, centralization of validation steps…). Production was then launched in tandem in France and the US, under the control of the brand’s local teams.

The principal challenge was to create an identical finish between the product’s two parts – bottle and cap – transformed using two different processes. A multitude of tests and adjustments were involved when it came to both the textured effect and the décor.

Last but not least, Texen produced the wiper and sourced the brush from its historic partner suppliers in the US and Europe.

Maybelline’s Curl Bounce exists in two versions with two different décors, a cream version and a waterproof edition, in the US and throughout Europe.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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