Jul 28, 2022

Packaging inspired by the product

Seymourpowell has collaborated with Republic of Fremantle to design the new premium flagship range of Aromatic Gin, Full Bodied Gin and Signature Vodka that reflects the drinks' production method.
Elisabeth Skoda

Western Australia-based Republic of Fremantle crafts their spirits from scratch, using ‘grape to glass’ distilling methods to create the base spirit from locally sourced wine. Seymourpowell’s solution for this flagship range garnered inspiration from the brand’s Antipodean provenance with a fresh and differentiating colour palette, and inclusion of familiar symbols of the historic port of Fremantle. Sails, lighthouse and compasses weave through the linear horizon, echoing the style of modern banknotes – treating the physicality of the bottle itself as an embodiment or symbol of currency for the Republic.  

Allison Spence, Creative Director, Brand, Seymourpowell commented: “At the heart of the conceptual thinking, the visual storytelling was focused around the unique production method, from grape to glass. The multifaceted, complex and layered tasting notes of the product itself, are reflected in the detail of the designs.”

The symbols featured on each product are embellished in foil and are inspired by the vintage bottles found at the site during excavation at the beginning of the build. These symbols represent a bold spirit, all the while reiterating the renegade drive of the makers. Each of the icons portrayed on the bottle designs has been created to form a ‘kit of parts’ that transcends the packaging and adapt and flex across all touchpoints for the brand from website assets to signage.

The result is an "intriguing" multi-layered 360 design which encourages the consumer to rotate the bottle and discover more about the Republic of Fremantle proposition.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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