Aug 31, 2022

Packaging design with a message

With a new pack design for its vegan and vegetarian sub brand 'Green Cuisine', frozen food brand iglo Germany sets out to encourage discussions about the connections between food and global heating.
Elisabeth Skoda

Vegan and vegetarian food is becoming more popular, especially with the younger generation. With a new brand identity for its vegan and vegetarian sub-brand 'Green Cuisine', iglo Germany is now picking up on inter-generational conversations about food and climate change in a playful way.

With the international 'Curious Kids' campaign, children's curiosity about vegetarian and vegan food is depicted in the shape of cartoons and sets out to stimulate inter-generational discussions.

The new brand identity is accompanied by a "fresh, modern and eye-catching" product design, featuring bright green colours, a new logo and clear illustrations of the product contents. This is designed to improve visibility on the shelf, making it easier not only for the vegan-vegetarian target group but also for flexitarians to find the product. The changeover to the new product design will take place gradually. All products will be adapted to the new look by the end of the year.

The green colour also stands for iglo's claim to rely on sustainable packaging. For example, the company says that today, 95% of iglo products are packaged in paper-based cardboard boxes, which can be disposed of in the waste paper and thus remain in the cycle as a raw material. The remaining bag solutions for ready meals are also to be successively converted to renewable raw materials in the future.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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