Jun 21, 2022

P&W creates "disruptive, contemporary" look for RIFCo

The redesign sets out to appeal to a younger audience looking for convenience.
Elisabeth Skoda

London-based Pemberton & Whitefoord (P&W) has redesigned the packaging for RIFCo (Really Interesting Food Company) for 2022.

The organic, free from plant-based range currently comprises three meals and four soups, all in 400g cans. RIFCo products are plant-based and the brand has a commitment to eco-friendly farming.

Current RIFCo products include a Thai Temple Curry, a Moroccan Chickpea Soup, and a Sri Lankan Lentil & Coconut Soup. Jarred products are set to launch in the summer, also with a focus on "unusual flavour profiles and sustainability."

The redesign sets out to help the brand better appeal to its primary Gen Z demographic and redefine it as a "forward-thinking, future-proofing" brand.

Feeling RIFCo’s packaging and branding had been overlooked for some time, Cliff Moss, the brand’s Managing Director, approached P&W with the redesign task. He felt it needed a facelift to better appeal to a younger audience looking for convenience with quick and easy to prepare meals.

Moss comments: “We believe that all our ingredients should be organic, and, when possible, regeneratively farmed to help reduce climate change.

P&W’s redesign has brought RIFCo into the 21st century. I’m confident the striking modernisation will provide us the stand-out required to boost sales significantly and gain listings in the major multiples. It’s rewarding to have an alignment between our brand values and our aesthetic.”

Layered graphic representations of exotic landscapes form the backdrops for each label, subtly referencing natural ingredients and locations the products were inspired by. P&W also designed the RIFCo wordmark, created a ‘Farming for the Future’ logo which sits on back-of-pack and crafted bespoke barcodes for each can, resembling growing crops.

Adrian Whitefood, Partner of P&W and project Creative Director, remarks: “We were determined to ensure our redesign leapt off the shelf at consumers of all ages, particularly catching the eye of a younger demographic. Compared to conservative tinned soup and meal brands on the market currently, RIFCo is undeniably distinctive, exciting, and full of dynamism.”

It is expected RIFCo will resonate best with the 25.9% of Gen Z’s and the 15.5% of Millennials following a meat-free diet. However, with 14% of adults (7.2 million) in the UK classifying themselves as vegetarian or vegan, the scope for the brand is wide and varied.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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