Oct 13, 2021

New pack design opens up Halal cooked meat products beyond its roots

StormBrands presents a “bold” new strategy and visual identity for Halal cooked meats product range Najma, with the aim to open up Halal beyond its traditional roots.
Elisabeth Skoda

In a category currently worth £15m, according to figures from Nielsen Data, Najma approached StormBrands with the ambition to double the size of the Halal cooked meats category to £30m over three years.

StormBrands used the brief as an opportunity to ‘open-up’ the world of Halal beyond its conventional roots. In order to achieve its ambitious goal, the range needed to not only appeal to increasingly modern, yet respectfully traditional Halal consumers but also attract new consumers to the category.

The agency’s workshop and planning process has resulted in a new brand purpose “Inspiring Modern Mealtimes” built around a refreshed set of core values.  This has provided a platform for the new identity that brings together tradition and modernity delivering a new design system, photographic treatment and Tone of Voice across the entire range.

StormBrands approaches each new piece of work through the lens of their own purpose: “Energising brands to move mindsets, markets and culture.” In the case of Najma it is to transform a pack that sits on a shelf, to a brand that fits in people’s lives.”

Duncan Kelly, StormBrands Design Director commented:

“Our bold new purpose for Najma, ‘Inspiring Modern Mealtimes’ has allowed us to create a new visual identity for the range that opens-up a tasty world of flavour, convenience and versatility for modern Halal consumers and beyond.”

“The new identity is all about inspiring discovery, from the distinctive graphic windows that invite consumers into the brand’s bright and vibrant world, to the striking geometric, Arabesque patterns inspired by Middle Eastern culture that form the base of every brand application.”

“Our strategic objective was to elevate Najma from a product range to a stand-out brand.  Working closely with the Najma team, we’ve created a brand that celebrates every moment and looks good enough to eat.  The new visual identity respects the brand’s roots but much like its name (Najma means star in Arabic) shines bright in-store.”

Najma boasts a large range of cooked and ready to eat products across various categories: slices, prepared meats and deli style products. The brand is a key contributor to category growth. Najma is currently growing ahead of the category at 40% vs LY, driving the value share to 53%.

The new design is being rolled out across the full Najma product range.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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