Oct 11, 2021

New dispenser to make DIY jobs less messy

The Smart Dispenser™ is a single action polyurethane foam sealant applicator for the DIY market and construction applications.
Elisabeth Skoda

The Smart Dispenser™, designed by DuPont and LINDAL, is a single action polyurethane foam sealant applicator designed and patented by Performance Building Solutions for the DIY market and construction applications. Its manufacturing and assembly process were co-developed by LINDAL and Performance Building Solutions.

Prior to its development, two long-standing solutions were available for foam sealants; simple plastic disposable single-use straws and reusable foam guns, designed for the professional market. However, poor user control, cured foam blockages and the expense and complexity of professional foam guns, presented problems for non-professional end-users and prompted the design of the new dispenser. With its design, described as intelligent and intuitive, the Smart Dispenser™ can bridge the gap between the current technologies and offers a targeted solution for the single-use disposable market.

During development, LINDAL’s machine assembly experts and injection moulding specialists provided their manufacturing and assembly expertise, as well as the capabilities to bring the Great Stuff™ Smart Dispenser™to market.

The new foam applicator was crowned winner of the Industrial and Technical category at the recent ADF Paris Awards. The Great Stuff™ Smart Dispenser™ was given the accolade by the ADF awards’ judging panel, who seek out the best technological innovations in aerosol and dispensing systems packaging from some of the globe’s biggest brands.

Amy Radka, Retail Marketing Leader, DuPont Performance Building Solutions said: “The Great Stuff™ Smart Dispenser™ is representative of Performance Building Solutions’ continued commitment to bring innovation to the market, grounded in consumer feedback and addressing end-user needs, in this case addressing concerns with messiness and lack of re-use for foam sealants. From there, we partnered with a team demonstrating expertise in manufacturing and assembly processes. We value LINDAL’s knowledge and experience; their involvement was vital in turning our concept into a reality.”

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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