Oct 11, 2021

New brand identity for Westward Whiskey inspired by American Northwest

Pearlfisher creates new visual identity for the whisky brand that sets out to reflect the culture, climate and resources of the American Northwest.
Elisabeth Skoda

Pearlfisher has been working with Westward, a Single Malt reimagined and elevated American whiskey, to create a new, standout visual identity and bespoke bottle structure and design that aligns with the brand’s positioning as a whiskey of the elements, born from the unique culture, climate, and abundant resources of the American Northwest.

Westward is an American single malt that is matured to perfection in Oregon, where their hot, dry summers and cool wet winters are the ideal environment to raise a world class whiskey. Westward pursues perfection by creating flavor in every step of its long, slow whiskey-making process to make a bold, robust and elevated American whiskey. Its distinct, rich and flavorful profile stands out above the rest, and Pearlfisher had the unique opportunity to communicate what sets Westward apart.

VP Executive Creative Director, Hamish Campbell explained, “We needed to infuse Westward’s pursuit for perfection into a dynamic and bold design that speaks to – and elevates – its pioneering and superior position as the definitive American Single Malt. Taking a bespoke, curated approach we touched every aspect of the brand to take it in a new direction – building a strong story for Westward while revolutionizing everything from the bottle structure and label to the colors as we brought to life the brand’s search for better - and doing things ‘The Westward Way.’ Each design element is a tribute to the whiskey’s birthplace in the American Northwest, showcasing attributes connected to the region and the resources that make it so remarkable.

Hamish continued, "Westward is made by hand by a group of talented distillers, all who follow their ‘True Northwest,’ a motto which is displayed front and center and is embedded into the new brand and design language – from the chisel mountains all the way down to the embossing on the bottle. The arrow of the visual identity now angles Northwest, rather than directly West, referencing that below-ground iron in and around Portland throws compasses off by a number of degrees. The colors also draw on the locality with the teal of the core label inspired by the Columbia River Gorge, which winds its way through the region and the mountains are a reproduction of a photo the brand’s founder took of the area for inspiration. The copper detailed in the logo references the copper pot stills used in the distilling process and the bird illustrations reference the Brewer’s blackbird – a breed that migrates across the Pacific Northwest – both which are a nod to the Westward brewing heritage.

The new bottle design is distinct and unique, but echoes the label story of the surrounding landscape with the asymmetric shoulders ‘pointing’ up to the Northwest of the bottle.”

At Westward, there are no shortcuts, and therein lies the beauty. We pursue perfection by raising a world class whiskey through our long, slow, process,” said Thomas Mooney, CEO and Co-Founder, Westward Whiskey. “Today, we celebrate the culmination of a project we have worked on for the last two years. Our new custom bottle and design expresses the uncompromising spirit of the American Northwest, and they represent Westward’s meticulous devotion to our process, culture, climate, and ingredients. We’re thrilled to introduce a new, elevated visual identity that further highlights the beauty of our award-winning whiskeys.”

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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