Jul 6, 2022

Moving away from beige - B&B studio rebrands Border Biscuits

B&B studio has partnered with Border Biscuits on a major rebrand of its identity and packaging design with a bold logotype, fresh colour palette and product photography.
Elisabeth Skoda

The new visual identity marks a significant step-change and sets out to bring instant clarity to Border. A bolder logotype contains a characterful elevated O with an underline, designed to represent the product. An updated on-pack message – Crafted with Care – reinforces this feel, speaking to Border’s heritage as a "family-owned business of expert biscuit-makers".

Evolving the brand from its existing world of beige was key to the redesign. The new system comprises a "fresh and tasty" colour palette, celebrating each biscuit variant with its own shade, and introducing greater range differentiation and effortless navigation to create range harmony. While literal product visibility has been lost in the removal of windows – part of Border’s journey towards reduced packaging

– product photography is able to display the biscuits for greater taste communication. The resulting design offers shelf standout and works beautifully as a range.

Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B comments: “The trusted quality of Border Biscuits really sets the brand apart. Our confident rebrand proudly reinforces this status, championing Border as the biscuit of choice for moments that matter and elevating it among the competitive set.

“The design was specifically crafted to set strong foundations for new product development,” adds Shaun. “Border has big ambitions, and its existing design simply didn’t have the stretch or impact to deliver on innovation.”

Jack Gibbons, Design Director at B&B, continues: “Having the confidence to be bold, simple and impactful is crucial for premium accessible brands within a fast-moving retail space. Maintaining that simplicity while enabling much greater range navigation was perhaps the biggest challenge, but the new design system successfully helps shoppers shop today, while setting the brand up for tomorrow.”

Suzie Carlaw, Head of Brand, at Border adds: “B&B’s expertise in premium accessible design has been  instrumental in helping us target an untapped segment within the biscuits category where consumers are looking to trade up from everyday products to more premium options.”

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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