Oct 11, 2021

Malta's iconic soft drink Kinnie goes hard

Kinnie Spritz design maintains nostalgic connection while inviting consumers to embrace the moment.
Elisabeth Skoda

Following bluemarlin’s re-design of Kinnie, Malta’s most recognised soft drink, the two companies collaborated again to tap into and disrupt the growing ready-to-drink and aperitif markets, both locally in Malta and overseas across Europe.

Brand acceleration agency bluemarlin were appointed to land ‘Kinnie with a kick’ earlier this summer. Given Kinnie’s decades long promotion as a non-alcoholic beverage, bluemarlin was briefed to define the strategic rationale and design direction for the development of the brand’s first ever alcoholic ‘Kinnie Spritz’ aperitif – premium positioned and leading on the aperitif occasion.

“One of the reasons we went for this classic look was to elevate the brand’s adult proposition while still maintaining the nostalgic connection consumers had to the Kinnie masterbrand. Kinnie fundamentally is a Maltese soft drink drunk by younger audiences, hence, we went very bold and clear about the alcoholic offering,” stated David Hodgson, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at bluemarlin

Kinnie Spritz was designed to evoke strong memories and take you back in time, while encouraging you to embrace the moment. It balances a contemporary style illustration of botanical leaves, mixed with a classic typographic style that is evocative of an era. The result is described as elegant and timeless, yet full of energy.

The deep and rich colour palette gives it a level of sophistication and premiumness; while the subtle introduction of the Kinnie orange and red reinforces the connection to the core Kinnie.

To bring the brand to life, the campaign communications painted an image that transported consumers and captured the spirit of the ‘Kinnie Spritz moment’. The visuals in both the digital and OOH invited viewers to close their eyes, feel the heat, hear the waves, sit back, and relax. Through the strapline and copy, they boldly communicated the hit of alcohol (‘kick’) of this refreshing and light drink.

As part of this project, bluemarlin (also) developed a brand book that directed all the communications and activations for Kinnie Spritz.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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