Oct 11, 2021

Making fruit and vegetables "craveable" through packaging

Redesign for fruit and vegetable packaging takes inspiration from fast food visual cues.
Elisabeth Skoda

Plenty, a San Francisco based indoor vertical farming company rebranded their packaging with the help of  New York based creative agency &Walsh. The rebrand's aim was to convey the "uniquely craveable flavour" of Plenty produce. The second was to create a "warmer and more approachable" brand that felt accessible to all.

&Walsh used a playful colour palette with a welcoming custom font that is intended to look and feel delicious.

"Rather than sticking to typical healthy green visual cues, we took inspiration from desirable food categories which reflects in both the identity and packaging work. Fast food companies often use red and yellow colours in their branding, which have been shown to make people feel hungry, and we decided to use this technique for healthy food. With the colours and font choices, we wanted to create a friendly and happy brand that also stood out on the shelf from the competition."

& Walsh also took great care when designing the Plenty custom typography, which it says was inspired by plants.

"It is a humanist sans serif with leaf-like corners and terminals. Wherever possible, the font avoids straight lines and is made up of curved and tapered strokes. The stroke endings are sharp and the curves are as round as a ripe tomato. The Plenty brand is driven by bold typography which makes Plenty Custom the most significant part of the visual language."

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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