Oct 11, 2021

Lovely Drinks unveils new designs with a ‘Taste of Art’

Independent drinks producer, Lovely Drinks, has introduced a striking new look to reflect the “quintessential Englishness and spirited nature” of the brand, stretching from its logo to typography.
Fin Slater

Tailored to meet the needs of the on and off trade, the drinks’ new branding is designed to have more prominence, clarity and legibility on shelf as well as delivering a ‘Taste of Art’ sleek and stylish appeal.

Founder and Managing Director Rick Freeman commented: “We have taken great care to build unity across the entire range from the logo to the typography, with the new look also focusing on sustainability, ethical buying and the British palate – three aspects that are at the heart of our business.”

He continued: “The playful design illustrates that the quality of soft drinks is still at the core of the company. Its beauty lies in its simple, yet carefully crafted approach, coupled with an appreciation of the natural ingredients found in the heart of Somerset.”

The rebranded products will start rolling out from this month and are sold nationwide in the UK to the trade through Inn Express, Nectar and Craft Drinks.

Fin Slater

Writer and editor with a professional background in the creative space
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