Oct 11, 2021

Lost Sheep Coffee reveals eco-friendly new look

Lost Sheep Coffee, a plastic-free compostable coffee capsule company, has revealed a new space-saving double-stack design.
Fin Slater

Lost Sheep Coffee’s plastic free 100% compostable Nespresso compatible coffee pod range will be available in new double-stack boxes, which have been designed to be instantly recognisable and stand out on the shelf. To match the “green credentials” of the compostable capsules, the outer packaging is also reportedly environmentally friendly – it uses vegetable inks and is apparently 100% recyclable.

A new supermarket listing in Morrisons is partially responsible for the shift:

“We are really excited to get a new retail listing with UK supermarket, Morrisons, and we’re also in early stage talks with another national supermarket so 2020 is looking like a great year. The new packaging means we can save space with the new double stack design ensuring that we areas green as possible. It is important to us to think very carefully about the transport and distribution channels for Lost Sheep Coffee so the new packaging design means that we are sure that we are working in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible,” says Lost Sheep Founder, Stuart Wilson.

According to Wilson, the pods themselves will remain the same: “The capsules are made using a waste product from the paper industry,which would normally have been destined for incineration, the waste product being Lignin (wood bark). Using the latest advancements in compostability technology, this waste product is used to form the outer shell of our capsules.As the capsule is derived from 100% natural products, when composted in line with our advice it can compost to absolutely nothing in a matter of weeks.”Says Wilson.

“We feel 2020 is going to be a year where Lost Sheep Coffee goes from local company making a difference, to a national company making a big difference,” says Wilson. “We have received exceptional interest in our imminent investment round and have now decided to make the investment round public, meaning anyone can invest and come on the Lost Sheep Coffee journey from spring 2020.”


Fin Slater

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