Jul 12, 2022

Kellogg debuts new look across snacks range

The new look, created in partnership with Landor & Fitch, sets out to produce a more consistent look for the snacks portfolio and increase presence in the snacking aisles.
Elisabeth Skoda

The refreshed snacks packaging follows on from the rebrand of Kellogg’s cereals in 2019 with Landor & Fitch.

Analysis of Kellogg’s share of the breakfast category identified an opportunity for the Kellogg snacking range. A lack of brand block on shelf, non-uniformity in its packaging sizes and a powerbrand-led design system meant the packaging was not standing out as powerfully as it could.

A new Kellogg snacking identity was created; one which leveraged the strength of its masterbrand – similar to the strategy behind its cereals rebrand - to produce a more consistent look for the snacks portfolio and in turn, increase presence in the snacking aisles.  

To deliver on the brand block ambition, Landor & Fitch developed a coherent relationship between the Kellogg’s masterbrand and powerbrands through a balanced naming and branding hierarchy.

A bold crop of the masterbrand logo sits at the top of the new design, with the powerbrands’ assets elevated and centred underneath to ensure strong product representation and recognition.

Each bar is pictured as ‘ripped open’ to reveal shots of the snack bars within, "demonstrating food appeal, enhancing their on-the-go quality but also making best use of limited space on the pack." While the colour of each product box is set to the powerbrand or variant colour, the recognisable red logo is constant across all; offering a simple, clean and consistent look while ensuring easy navigation – both across the portfolio, and on shelf.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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