How to brand a ritual - olive oil

In our latest Nest submission, NABA student Irene Porcedda talks us through the process of creating an appealing olive oil packaging.
Irene Porcedda

Project Description: Designers need to understand how people use products and the ritual gestures they perform when doing so in order to make packaging that meets or enhances their expectations. Understanding such rituals can shed light on a design problem and identify ways to make a product more appealing to the target audience. The packaging can be playful but should still retain a brand communication relative to its contents. The resulting design will have visual equity, along with a strong personality and attitude.

Designers may wish to also consider national and international trends and communities, differentials between consumer groups, usage and event relationships, individual rituals attributed to certain products, as well as interactions or simply enjoying them. The way in which we engage with a product can lead us to create a daily ritual around their use or to something which becomes symbolic and specifically related to that product and/or event. How do brand packaging through design consider these rituals ? How can you add a ritual aspect or association to it? The design process should include stages such as explore & consider and choose & create.

Design Process: The product was chosen because extra virgin olive oil is part of the roots of Italian culinary culture, precisely because our family traditions were born from the land. Furthermore, today the importance of cuisine is considerably relevant in the Italian and foreign gastronomic panorama, and for many years a process has begun linked to the factors that make it up and which we then find on our table. The focus on the table is mainly focused on feeling good, eating healthy and choosing products that contribute positively to our Mediterranean diet; we are eager to get to know what we cook and season our dishes with and we carefully choose all the ingredients, one of these is extra virgin olive oil. For the realization of the packaging it was decided to create a new label for an oil that is suitable for every day, which interacts with our ritual, that is cooking, eating healthy and being at the table, which is fundamental to the Italian tradition. It is suitable for people who love to cook, who prefer a genuine meal using oil instead of animal fat such as sportsmen and people of any age linked to the Italian culinary tradition. The intent of the packaging is to bring the consumer closer through the sense of taste, through the design of the label, to evoke this daily ritual in the person who buys it.

Irene Porcedda

I'm Irene, I'm 21, I was born and raised in the province of Parma. I attended high school at the Liceo Artistico, with graphic design. Later to complete my training I decided to move to Milan and I started my career in NABA in 2019, following the Graphic Design & Art Direction course with Brand Design address. Making a packaging for me is an emotion, it is very stimulating and triggers in me that desire to fascinate the consumer to buy my packaging and also allows me to test my creativity. Instagram: @_.irenidda_
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