Got Chew

In our latest Nest student submission, we look at a jerky pack that sets out to appeal to mothers and their kids.
Jay Kim

Project Description

Kids want something delicious to chew on for snacking. Parents want them to eat healthier. GOT CHEW got you! Try this crazy flavored, protein packed kid jerky. It is a perfect snack for everyone!

Design Process

Whenever I ask my mom to buy me bags of snack she would say “no” unless it is a healthy snack. I want snacks that are delicious and healthy so that she can buy them for me. The target market is focused on family, a healthier life, and mindful eating, and includes  working moms who always set their priorities on taking care of their kids. They are interested in healthy foods, new trends and also share better snacking options for their kids in their mom community.

Check out Jay's portfolio at

Jay Kim

Jay is a Korea/NYC based brand/packaging designer training at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her love of grocery shopping led her to dive into the world of brand and packaging design. Every box held in hand piqued her curiosity about each brand story, and now she creates her own! As a designer, she has a lighthearted but refined design aesthetic. Does this sound contradictory? At the end of her portfolio, perhaps you will think as her classmates do, that Jay’s design is elegantly playful – and always steeped in empathy. Find her website at:

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