Oct 11, 2021

Gift card packaging that stands out on the shelf

Burgopak creates gift card packaging for Nando's that sets out to provide an engaging and memorable experience for the recipient.
Elisabeth Skoda

Transcending culture, age or gender, gift cards are popular gifts that are easy to purchase, but they are also one of the most easily hidden away and forgotten. Done poorly they risk a lack lustre unboxing and a lost opportunity, but done well, the ultimate gift card experience can demonstrate thoughtfulness, value, excitement and importantly build an emotional connection between gifter, receiver, and brand.

That is what Nando's aimed to encapsulate with their recent gift card experience. Designed by Burgopak Packaging, to reflect the bold and zesty peri-peri taste of the classic Nando's dish, the packaging design incorporates "pops of colour, with subtle symbols and spot UV texture to create both a visual and a tactile sensory experience."

The black minimalist outer-packaging, sets out to create an air of value and exclusivity, which is extended through the innovative opening mechanism. To the right of the pack is a small pull tab – as this is pulled out, the cover of the pack appears to retreat inwards to hide inside the pack unveiling the gift card in a seamless and unexpected unboxing. This interactive mechanism heightens the product value providing an engaging and memorable experience for the recipient. In turn, this evokes a more sensory and emotional appreciation of the product, creating the ideal dynamic between gifter, receiver and brand.

By acknowledging the value of this gifting experience, Nando's have created a product presentation that it says leaves a long lasting impression and greater brand impact within the home. This not only increases the likelihood of future use, but also the sharing of the experience with friends and family. In light of current restrictions as a result of the pandemic, the demand for gift cards has accelerated.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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