Oct 11, 2021

Exploring the link between musical composition and fragrance

Texen Beauty Partners creates bottles for an ambitious fragrance project.
Elisabeth Skoda

Pianist and musician Laurent Assoulen has put his hand to another form of composition, fragrance, with the Parfums de Nietzsche brand. Texen Beauty Partners welcomed the opportunity to take part in this passion project to showcase its expertise in metals and niche fragrance capabilities.

Laurent Assoulen has been working on this project for two years. A jazz pianist and fragrance expert, he studied the links between musical composition and that of fragrance by creating “the perfumed concert” several years ago. Along these lines, he reflected on the links between fragrance and philosophy, the olfactory expression of our relationships with ourselves and our existence. He created the Parfums de Nietzsche brand and its first act, named Surhomme. The two unisex fragrances, in two distinct bottles housed in an “N” in stainless steel, can be used at will, either together or separately, and stored either horizontally or vertically. This collaborative project has given birth to an object for collectors.

Texen Beauty Partners acted as the patron of this project, collaborating with its peers including Aptar, Heinz Glas and Wauters. It was in charge of developing the “N”-shaped metallic holder that houses the two 25ml bottles: from design, technical studies and mock-ups to overseeing production in Asia.

The “N,” for “Nietzsche,” is made from stainless steel and polished by hand. It is laser-engraved with the “Parfums de Nietzsche Paris” logo.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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