Essentia skincare

In our latest Nest submission, we take a closer look at a skincare brand devised by NABA students Mirta Cerioli and Evelina Ionascu.
Mirta Cerioli and Evelina Ionascu

Description: Given the brief to create better communication, from a design and marketing point of view, for sustainable companies, our team, formed by Mirta and Evelina, created Essentia, a skincare, body care and home-care brand, not harmful for the planet, with a strong personality, a beautiful purpose and a modern, minimalistic approach to design.

Design Process: We started researching from a marketing point of view. Then, we focused more on the personality of the brand itself, creating the brand identity, the product design, the recycled packaging and the marketing strategies.

In order to get consumers involved and promote the launch of the brand, we devised an initiative in locations around Milan and other Italian cities.

Customers can bring an empty detergent or skincare product bottle or container to a stand at selected pharmacies and supermarket, and you'll get a discount on a chosen product from the range. Essentia will take whatever kind of packaging consumers bring and deal with the recycling process.

Mirta Cerioli and Evelina Ionascu

Two students of NABA - Accademia delle Belle Arti di Milano, two curious persons ready to show what design is about in their opinion and waiting for learning many new things. INSTAGRAM: @raveway | @mirtacerioli | @eveln.a BEHANCE:

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