Ella Beef Jerky

The latest submission to our Nest features a new beef jerky brand that is uniquely positioned in the marketplace.
Lawrence Carr

The design process

My design process begins with research: 1. I perform a category audit of current beef jerky brands in the marketplace.

2. I determine the white space where a new beef jerky brand could be positioned. Then I identify a target market who would be this brand's ideal customer. After uncovering a consumer insight, a brand platform further resolves the brands, look, feel, tone, and voice.

3. I compile three territory boards that each represent a unique design direction.

4. Once the brand's name is selected, I use my territory board for inspiration and begin sketching the logo.

5. Once the logo is resolved, I then move on to drawing primary display panel layouts.

6. The strongest three are further explored digitally, and if possible successful elements from all of these PDP sketches are combined to create the final design.

7. Finally, one more round of revisions and tweaking occurs to ensure the full development of the brand's concept is represented in every aspect of the packaging design.

Lawrence Carr

My name is Lawrence Carr. I am a rising senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I am majoring in Brand and Packaging Design. I Specialize in storytelling through visual design and injecting life and personality into brands. In 2020 I received The One Year Communication Design Foundation Award for exemplary work and performance. I am passionate about designing unique brands that have an impact and resonate with their audience. https://www.lcarrgraphics.com

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