Oct 12, 2021

Designing dairy packaging for e-commerce

Prague-based design agency Cocoon describes how they came up with a dairy product design for online supermarket Rohlík which sticks to category cues but also provides extra value.
Elisabeth Skoda

Miil is a dairy range designed by Cocoon for online supermarket Rohlík, and was launched in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria in spring 2021.

The dairy category often includes the colours blue and white, cows, meadows and jugs with splashes of milk. But is there a way to deliver the same cues that are intrinsic to the category, and still be original and bring some added value? Cocoon was given this challenge in the brief, and set out to provide extra value with positive emotions and entertaining and engaging information not normally found on dairy products. There was an emphasis on the logo, fun facts, product shots and colours.

The logo of Miil uses vibrant blue, which is ategory-relevant in a striking and confident tone. The double dot on the unique double ii turned into the symbol of a bowtie, setting out to make Miil a "modern cool smart guy, educating with fun facts."

These fun facts are laid out so that they stand out. Each fun fact is illustrated by a simple doodle black sketch, originally drawn for the occasion. The simple black line style works in contrast with the flat basing colours, yet does not overweigh the whole impression of each pack. It is reminiscent of simple textbooks, in which we used to learn not only by words, but also using imagery.

The colour palette of the range consists of pastel, yet fresh shades. It makes the portfolio stand out, but also helps navigate through it. Green stands for organic, blue stands for for core, pink for flavour… The colours are not typical for the category, emphasising the brand's unique voice.

The product shots are intentionally dominant and display the product in its purity and in a straightforward way. They are incorporated into the illustrations. The display of products (also using transparent windows on cheeses for instance) was very important. Being transparent and honest with consumers is a value embedded in the brand and Rohlík.

Miil's portfolio is broad, ranging from milk to cheese, yoghurt, creams, organic produce and spreads. We were looking for a concept that would connect the selection, but also help consumers diversify and orient themselves. It’s also important to mention the general layout of the packaging design. The logo is dominant and gains a lot of space on the face. The reason for that is the exclusive presence of the brand in the e-commerce environment. As there is no real shelf on your desktop or mobile, there is no shelf block created by the products. The design reflects the specifics of the e-commerce sales channel.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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