Oct 11, 2021

"Designed to be made again"

Ball Corporation has launched a new impact extruded aluminium bottle line: the Infinity™ Aluminium Bottle.
Elisabeth Skoda

Ball Corporation has launched a new impact extruded aluminium bottle line. The Infinity™ Aluminum Bottle – that is  "designed to be made again". Available in various shapes and sizes, this bottle can be customized for beauty, personal care, food and beverage products. The new product line was presented at ADF&PCD in Paris.

“Plastic waste that ends up in the environment has led to more public discussion about packaging, its life cycle and recyclability,” Jason Galley, director of innovation and sustainability, Ball Corporation, told Touchpoints. “Consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly solutions for packaging their everyday products. We combined our product design and sustainable aluminium packaging expertise to develop another truly circular packaging solution – the Infinity™ Aluminium Bottle.”

He points out a few other advantages of aluminium bottles that the company says can help improve resource efficiency and enable circularity.

"Aluminum is lightweight, which saves energy in transportation. Once bottles are ready for design, they can be branded without the use of sleeves or labels. Creative and complex designs can be printed on aluminium using the full circumference of the bottle. Ball’s innovative high-definition printing and graphic design technologies such as Eyeris® HD printing, UV light reactive ink, Matte & Gloss, or Tactile printing help brands to create custom packaging and differentiate themselves to stand out on the shelf. Additional shaping and embossing solutions, such as Ball’s 360° technology, are also available."

He adds that ball deliberately highlights the fact that the bottle is made from metal in its design.

"Branding is all about differentiation from alternatives. And we showcase the fact that the pack is made from metal by deliberately choosing not to use features such as whitecoating."

Ball’s new impact extruded product line is suitable for packaging almost any liquid. The aluminium bottles are available in a range of sizes and formats, and are customizable for various products, such as shampoos and conditioners, soaps, body creams, spirits, energy shots, yogurt, dressings, syrups or condiments. The bottles are available with a re-closable threaded cap that allows consumers to twist the top on and off.

Like Ball’s aluminium beverage cans, cups and Alumi-Tek® bottles, the Infinity™ Aluminium Bottle bottle is mono-material – it consists of only one material and can be easily sorted and recycled. Alumiinum can be recycled an "infinite number of times without losing quality". According to the Aluminium Association, 75 percent of aluminum ever produced (since 1888) is still in use today. After use, an aluminum bottle can be recycled and returned as a new packaging format in just 60 days. It can also be recycled to take on a new life as another aluminium product, such as consumer electronics or a bicycle.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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