Oct 11, 2021

Delta Global unveils innovative packaging for MATCHESFASHION

Luxury packaging business, Delta Global, has launched an innovative way for global luxury retailer MATCHESFASHION to increase its commitment to sustainability and responsible practices.
Fin Slater

MATCHESFASHION is leading the way in a collaborative partnership with Delta Global to rethink the production of its marbled box and discreet Eco Luxe box. The boxes are traditionally secured with the use of magnets – but these cannot be recycled.

As Robert Lockyer, CEO of Delta Global, explains: “Many luxury boxes have magnetic closure systems which don’t allow for full recyclability when the packaging comes to its end of life. We worked closely with the MATCHESFASHION team to develop a removal technique using perforation points in the box. Once a customer removes the magnets the box can then be flattened and recycled.”

Made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials with a water-based finish, the boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable. MATCHESFASHION also reportedly ensured all its smaller packaging components, such as notes and returns slips were responsibly sourced and completely recyclable.

Lockyer adds: “We were excited to work on this project with MATCHESFASHION. Packaging is one of the most important factors when reducing fashion’s environmental impact and it also acts as a powerful communication tool for portraying a brand’s core messages. We ensured that what we produced reflected a sustainable approach to luxury retail.”

MATCHESFASHION said the aim of the collaboration was to help reduce its environmental footprint as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to responsible business.

Lucie Allen, Head of Logistics said: “Over the past couple of years, our partnership with Delta Global has grown stronger with thanks to their dedicated team and a flexible approach which allows us to try new designs to find the right solution for our customers. Quality and creativity must be at the heart of any business we partner with to offer an exceptional customer experience and they offered a variety of eco-friendly alternatives and a wealth of experience in the sector.”

Having also partnered with Eco-Age, a consultancy firm, a collaborative consultancy method has enabled the MATCHESFASHION team to create bespoke solutions as part of a considered approach to responsible business practice.

Fin Slater

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