Delicious Dictator

First up on our Nest page, which enables packaging design students across the world to share their work, is Jay Kim, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her Delicious Dictator is an "irreverent brand that introduces traditional North Korean food in a humorous way using actual North Korean propaganda posters."
Jay Kim

Delicious Dictator is a North Korean inspired food brand based in the US. The irreverent brand introduces traditional North Korean food in humorous way using actual North Korean propaganda posters.

The product line includes: 1. Songarak Gwaja (Finger Cookies) 2. Nokdu Jijim (Mungbean Pancake) 3. Instant Pyongyang Rangmyeon (Pyongyang Cold Noodle)

The design process

Korean food such as Bibimbop, Kimchi and Bulgogi are getting more attention than any time before for its well-being and the K-Pop effects. This led me to think: Why not North Korean food? They actually have some decent foods that are getting attention in South Korea.

I myself have the same Korean name as Mr. Kim. The whole concept was to be humorous and sarcastic. My brand name was Delicious Dictator and I used illustrations of Mr. Kim’s face. The main goal was to attract people's curiosity. The actual propaganda posters that are being used in North Korea are photoshopped cohesively on the package of each product.

Check out Jay's portfolio at

Jay Kim

Jay is a Korea/NYC based brand/packaging designer training at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her love of grocery shopping led her to dive into the world of brand and packaging design. Every box held in hand piqued her curiosity about each brand story, and now she creates her own! As a designer, she has a lighthearted but refined design aesthetic. Does this sound contradictory? At the end of her portfolio, perhaps you will think as her classmates do, that Jay’s design is elegantly playful – and always steeped in empathy. Find her website at:

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