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Oct 11, 2021

Customisable e-commerce packaging that plays Christmas songs

Cartonara has presented its customisable shipping packaging in a Christmas-inspired design. As well as the option of creating a shipping box with a personal greeting for the recipient, the box also includes another surprise: When scanning the printed QR code with a mobile phone, Christmas songs are played.
Elisabeth Skoda

Cartonara is expanding the range of shipping accessories in the online shop with customisable packaging. In time for Christmas it is starting with Christmas-inspired designs which can be customised in  a few steps using a configurator. There is a choice of four Christmas designs and a personal Christmas greeting with the name of the recipient can be printed on the outside of the packaging. The inside of the lid also has space for a personalised greeting.

Experienced users can create their own design with a template. A QR code is also integrated into the packaging: If this is scanned with a smart phone camera with a QR code reader, Christmas songs are played.

“At Cartonara we take packaging one step further. We want to offer recipients an unpacking experience,” explains  Cartonara Managing Director Michael Weber. “The optics, haptics and function of a packaging unit play an important role here. This applies to both the commercial and private sphere. Currently we are offering Christmas-inspired shipping packaging in the online shop. In 2020 we plan to offer additional motifs for individual designs in the shop.”

The customisable Christmas packaging is available as a postage-optimised Maxibrief in various sizes and also as a secure package.

“The shipping packaging is fitted with secureLock, a tamper-proof lock made from corrugated cardboard. Thanks to this locking technology of the shipping box, no additional adhesive tape is required to close it. The lid is firmly attached to the packaging and can no longer be opened without destroying it,” says Michael Weber explaining the security role of the packaging. The Christmas designs have been applied using digital printing processes which make it possible to implement such customisable packaging for very small print runs or as a one-off order.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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