Oct 11, 2021

Creating a traditional cheesemonger experience via e-commerce

The Cheese Geek's wanted for their customers to garner joy from their cheese delivery, and offer a seamless first impression through packaging.
Elisabeth Skoda

The Cheese Geek pride themselves on being ‘the modern cheesemonger”. Born out of frustration that many people in the UK had no access to knowledgeable and engaged cheesemongers, they set about making their customer experience as enticing and exciting as possible. They know that every step of the customer journey is vital - and that journey includes the package arriving at the customer’s home.

Smurfit Kappa Gosport had already put forward the idea of the bespoke crash lock boxes. Working together, it was decided that the packaging should be printed in flexographic print, in two colours. Flexographic printing produces vibrant results that can be printed on a variety of materials, and dries quickly - so the turnaround of box production can be quick.

Smurfit Kappa Gosport recommended The Cheese Geek use bespoke sized boxes, enabling optimisation for their contents and reduction in material use/wastage.The more tailored the boxes’ sizes, the less air is shipped. This has two key benefits: more economical in terms of shipping space, as more boxes can fit into vehicle, and offers a way to make the brand eco-friendlier, reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

Lastly, bespoke packaging designed to fit products contained, means that the contents are more secure and more likely to arrive intact. With The Cheese Geek’s intimate knowledge of their customer base, Smurfit Kappa Gosport identified two key sizes which would fulfil their customers’ needs in a space-optimised manner. The boxes are made from FSC Certified material, and ensure that the end product would be recyclable after delivery - despite the printed branding.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!

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