Apr 1, 2022

Conveying complex flavour profiles through packaging

Belvoir Farm launches new Botanicals soda range with brand design by B&B Studios, featuring "unusual" colours for the soft drink markets and incorporating a bespoke glass structure.
Elisabeth Skoda

Following on from its strategic repositioning and redesign of Belvoir Farm, B&B studio has collaborated with the brand once more on a new range of Botanical Sodas, targeting the ongoing opportunity in sophisticated softs and alcohol alternatives. Initially launching in three flavour variants, the range introduces "more intriguing and sophisticated flavour blends" featuring natural botanical extracts in keeping with Belvoir’s commitment to nature and all-natural ingredients, yet with only 20 calories per 100ml.

The new range design builds on the existing positioning of Crafted with Nature, evolving the brand’s illustration style in a more elevated and elegant way, with the aim to signal the products’ premium status. Working with illustrator Olga Lychkova, B&B has introduced more unusual colours into the soft drinks space, and a more artistic level of depth and detail to capture the complex flavour profiles. Gold foiling and a subtle label frame complete the premium cues.

Key to the new range is a bespoke glass structure, designed by B&B and created in collaboration with a structural designer and glassmaker. The shape is reminiscent of apothecary bottles to emphasise the botanicals within, while the Belvoir logo is embossed and ‘Crafted with Botanicals’ is debossed on the surface.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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