Oct 11, 2021

Classic German sweet brand launches new line with new design

The new design from Göttsche sets out to create a modern look that preserves the brand's essence.
Elisabeth Skoda

Cavendish & Harvey sweets have been popular in Germany for several decades, and for many consumers, hearing the rattling of the sweets in their box or licking the powdered sugar that coats them off their fingers takes them back to their childhood.

Combining the value of early brand imprinting with visionary packaging was the task that led Göttsche Design to work with Cavendish & Harvey. The challenge was to stage the completely new line extension "Double Fruit" for the international market.

Lennart Schumann, Head of Marketing at Cavendish & Harvey, says: "It's about developing a new and modern design for our traditional brand that still preserves the brand essence."

The idea of the line extension revolves around combining two different fruits into one flavoured candy. For example: lemon and strawberry, blackcurrant and apple or cherry and lime. This combination should be presented attractively and expressively by the packaging design.

Intelligent usage of design thinking tools is the key to success. The key visual of the new line  emphasises the “extravagant explosion of enjoyment” by combining both fruits in an attractive way. Fruity-juicy, sweet-sour, summery and surprising. The combination of the two fruits sets out to be an eye-catcher on the shelf.

The wording "2in1" sums up the moment when the flavours of both fruits come together. In addition, there is the two colour world on the can, which take up the fruit colours and make it easier for customers to differentiate between varieties on the shelf.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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