Oct 11, 2021

Capturing the essence of a new gin blend

Seymourpowell has launched its design work for the latest Silent Pool gin product, the Rose Expression, part of the Distiller’s new ‘Expressions Series’.
Elisabeth Skoda

Continuing their long-standing partnership with the gin brand, Seymourpowell has unveiled the design of the special edition bottle and branding, which captures the essence of this enchanting new blend. As the first launch in this series, Seymourpowell drew upon the unique DNA of Silent Pool Distillers to feed into the Rose Expression’s refreshingly individual character and appearance. The design reflects the rose flavoured notes, created from a unique tea infusion process featuring rose petals and containing no artificial flavours.

Jenny Butler, Senior Client Director at Seymourpowell, commented: “We are so proud of our relationship with Silent Pool. Having worked together from the very start of the Silent Pool journey, we take great pleasure in growing this exciting gin brand with every new project and product launch. As the first launch of this series, Rose Expression is a gin of complexity and sophistication, which our team has brought to life in the product’s appearance and branding.”

Seymourpowell created the packaging design for the Rose Expression product, retaining the visual elements that are synonymous with the original Silent Pool brand, with the copper botanicals illustration and teal colourway still very much present in the Rose Expression identity. The introduction of the ‘Rose Expression’ is communicated through an elegant and refined metalized neck colour and band, with an expression of rose pink added to work synergistically with the surrounding colours and visuals to enhance the bottle’s elegance.

James Shelbourne, Co-Founder of Silent Pool Gin, added,: “As demand for Silent Pool Gin continues, we are delighted to release this new Rose Expression – refining our classic Gin recipe to complement and enhance the rose flavour notes. The gin category is constantly evolving and we wanted to ensure that we are always offering customers variety without compromising on quality or taste.”

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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