Oct 11, 2021

Big Drop Brewing Co launches new-look packaging

Big Drop Brewing Co., one of the world’s first dedicated alcohol-free brewers, has revealed a brand-new design for its range of award-winning non-alcoholic beers.
Fin Slater

Founded in 2016 by Rob Fink and James Kindred, Big Drop says it has been breaking down the barriers associated with alcohol-free beer by making great tasting beer, just without the booze. Now in 2020, it has unveiled a new look, apparently keeping the same taste at the fore, but with a big, bright and bold design.

The new packaging range takes inspiration from the beer itself: the flavour, colour and aroma of each different style. Each of the designs is based on an environment that is linked to the individual beers' style, and which inspired the names, illustrations and colourways.

The vision for the new design concept was created by London-based design agency Foundation working with Big Drop’s co-founder and Creative Director James Kindred. The new design will be rolled out onto Big Drop's full range including the Sour, Brown and Golden ales.

Kindred said: “Working with Foundation on this re-packaging project has been brilliant and the results speak for themselves. 2020 is a big year for the brand, and this bold new design direction starts us off in a fantastic way.”

The new brand designs hit the shelves in the midst of Big Drop’s recently launched crowdfunding campaign. For as little as the price of a (large) round of drinks investors now have the opportunity to be part of Big Drop’s game changing venture into global expansion. Details of the crowdfunding can be found at: 

Fin Slater

Writer and editor with a professional background in the creative space
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