Apulian Design - a brand identity for local Italian products

The Nest is back! In this series, we are looking at creative ideas from packaging design students. If you are a packaging design student and would like to see your own design on our website, you can submit your design here.
Elisabeth Skoda

Together with her older brother, NABA student Francesca Longo created Apulian Design with the intention of improving the brand identity of SMEs in the Apulian territory with a  marketing development suitable for companies that want to enter new local, national and international markets.

Design Process: The project started from the creation of the logo, and then developed into packaging dedicated to the Apulian territory. The initiative, published in December, features the development of a packaging for a panettone, both classic and chocolate. Later a ceramic oil bottle was created. We then simulated a concept store for an Apulian focaccia. And finally, for Saint Patrick's Day, we created a bottle design (also in ceramic) for beer.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!

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