Oct 11, 2021

Amstel turns to Elmwood London for low-cal beer design

Elmwood London, a brand design consultancy, has created the design for Amstel 66, a new mid-strength, low-calorie beer, set for launch in March 2020.
Fin Slater

Amstel 66, the first low-calorie alternative from Amstel, is carefully crafted for those looking for balance in their lives. It is 3% ABV and contains only 66 calories per bottle whilst reportedly maintaining the refreshing Amstel flavour that customers know and love.

Reflecting this, Elmwood London’s design is based on the new Amstel visual identity – also created by the consultancy – and aims to represent balance through the use of the iconic circle and split, combined with the quality and reassurance of brew storytelling.

Nic Casby, Brand Director at Heineken, owner of Amstel, said: “In recent years consumers have become increasingly conscious of the food and drink they consume, and as a result have started moving towards lower-calorie options. With this in mind,the launch of Amstel 66 allows them to do just this – offering the great taste of Amstel, without the calorie content.”

Kyle Whybrow, Associate Creative Director at Elmwood London, said:“Amstel 66 is perfect for those who enjoy a balanced and active lifestyle and don’t want to compromise on a great tasting lager. We brought Amstel’s story of expertise to life with a new hand-crafted brewery illustration. This was combined with a warm slate grey that takes its cues from premium active lifestyle brands and a pop of Amstel’s iconic red to add modernity and standout.”

Amstel 66 is currently available exclusively in selected Sainsbury’s stores in 4x300ml and 12x300ml packs.

Fin Slater

Writer and editor with a professional background in the creative space
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