Jan 20, 2022

A youthful makeover for Cailler Christmas pralines

Seymourpowell's Christmas pralines redesign features a recyclable chocolate tray and sets out to appeal to younger customers.
Elisabeth Skoda

Seymourpowell has collaborated with  chocolate brand Cailler to redesign the packaging of its Christmas pralines collection. From decorated boxes featuring whimsical winter landscapes to a new, recyclable chocolate tray, the new range aims to attract a younger generation of chocolate lovers while remaining true to Cailler’s provenance and heritage.

Crafted in Maison Cailler in Broc, near Gruyère, since 1819, Cailler is described as one of Switzerland’s most-loved chocolate brands and a familiar part of any celebration with family or friends. Whilst Cailler pralines remain a Christmas favourite, the brand identified an opportunity with younger consumers who want something with a more youthful personality when buying for themselves or as a gift for friends.  Seymourpowell's creation of packaging for a new range of selected pralines has been designed with the aim to appeal to younger consumers, making it feel relevant to them, while reflecting the brand’s premium look and feel.

The packaging for the new range takes into account Cailler’s understanding of the desires and tastes of a younger audience.  This was achieved through a contemporary colour palette including muted pastel tones that bring naivety and freshness to the illustrations, along with highly detailed crafting and elegant embellishments. Using a combination of embossing, debossing, hot foils and subtle varnishes, Seymourpowell created an aspirational, charming and giftable new range of Christmas pralines to delight a younger audience. The new designs are inspired by and represent an homage to the remarkable landscape, the home of Cailler pralines and are available only in Switzerland.  

“This new range evokes a sentiment of seasonal fantasy and wonder. Our goal was to elicit a playful and engaging view of the Cailler brand to bring to life the excitement of the festive season.”, explains Allison Spence, Brand Creative Director at Seymourpowell.

“Our story features the sparkle and magic of a snow-covered woodland. Peeping through the tall, elegant trees we catch a glimpse into the secret world of beautiful and inquisitive woodland creatures. We see a reindeer, head tilted as he looks curiously out at us. Above his head, amongst the branches, is a cheeky squirrel, racing down the trunk of a nearby tree”, Spence continues.

Nestlé’s commitment to a more sustainable future is supported inside the boxes with the introduction of new transparent recyclable trays. Whilst Cailler’s praline boxes were already recyclable, this is the first time the brand introduces recyclable trays, appealing to a younger generation of consumers who are actively purchasing brands that take a more progressive role in sustainability.

The transparency of the trays gave Seymourpowell an opportunity to weave in extra graphic details to amplify the storytelling and to feature the new sustainability message.

The new pack is launching Christmas 2021 and are available throughout Switzerland.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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