Jan 10, 2022

A tribute to the essence of Sicily

Via Dei Mille's Ianco collection of three fragrances was developed in a minimalistic vein in tribute to the brand’s origins. Coverpla provided a turnkey pack.
Elisabeth Skoda

Via Dei Mille regocgnises a family history that started in Sicily in the 50s. Stefano Alderuccio, the grandson of its founder, pays tribute to the rare essences of Sicily and its traditions perpetuated today by the perfumers of Grasse. The fragrances in the Ianco collection are built around the colour white – their name is taken from a Sicilian dialect word for it – and with subtle arabesques stamped on the paper of the coffret.

Coverpla has created the packaging for the three fragrances. The brand selected the 100ml bottle designed by Coverpla and manufactured by Bormioli Luigi. Its rounded, minimal shape, with powerful straight lines, is topped with the Vintage cap in mat black with a layer of screenprinted décor. Coverpla also provided the pump and pump cover.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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