Apr 6, 2022

A pack design "sweet like honey"

Belgian honey producer Quintu has teamed up with the Sweden-based design expert Stamp Works to build a new brand design that reflects the "creaminess and deliciousness" of honey.
Elisabeth Skoda

Quintu was founded with the mission to produce tasty, organic honey that helps to save bee populations.

"Quintu is all about craft and quality materials. It’s the ingredients that provide the delicate sweetness to your morning ritual. Stamp Works helped communicate the delicious product with a new brand identity, spanning logo, packaging design, illustration, and poster. The design reflects the craft but it doesn’t turn old school and outdated. The seal works like a quality mark and the label cut is a subtle way of telling about the creamy content,” says Jin Fujiwara, designer and founder of Stamp Works.

Overall, the new Quintu brand design aims to be a modern expression of quality and creaminess. The modern sans serif typeface is mixed with a classic layout that is easy to navigate on the shelves, as each of the three flavours also have their distinct colour.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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