Aug 17, 2022

A new look for Twinings South East Asia

Butterfly Cannon has created a contemporary redesign for tea brand Twinings' South East Asia range with the aim to appeal to a younger demographic.
Elisabeth Skoda

Twinings South East Asia's reputation centers around the brand's tradition and London provenance, but over the years, the story was being inconsistently told across different channels. The company approached Butterfly Cannon to sharpen the brand's story whilst creating a "unifying design identity that appeals to a younger, hipper millennial consumer."

“We set Butterfly Cannon a triple target of improving Twinings’ recognition, shelf standout and range navigation. Their packaging redesign achieved all three, whilst making our rich heritage more relevant to our evolving consumer base,” says a Twinings South East Asia spokesperson.

"Our roundel device, which depicts a sensorial illustration on the left and a clear visual representation of the ingredients on the right, communicates the flavour visuall. It invites Twinings’ experience-seeking, aspirational consumers to discover a new flavourful and sensorial world of tea from a brand they know and love, taking this iconic tea brand from ’Souvenir of old London’ to ‘cool new London Luxe’, adds a Butterfly Cannon spokesperson.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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