Jan 14, 2022

A "fun and premium" look for American sweets inspired rum

Appartement 103 was chosen by German distributor Perola Fine Spirits to create Razel's, a new rum that liquifies American flavours and desserts.
Elisabeth Skoda

Appartement 103 worked on Razel's visual brand identity and primary packaging design, including standard bottle embossing, labels graphic design, brand world and key visuals.

Backed by the growing trend of flavoured rums in the drinks industry and a gap spotted in the market for the lack of quality products offering sweet flavoured rum, the brand objective was clear: Capture the unmistakable taste of famous American delicacies, such as peanut butter and choco brownie, combined with the elegance of the finest Caribbean rum to create a delicious presentation, grabbing consumers' attention and desire.

With the main direction defined, Appartement 103 took inspiration in the American diners on Route 66, where time has stopped since 1955.

This idea was conveyed using vintage yet surprising colour combinations to create vibrancy while evoking an emotional connection with the 50's period.

Beyond the colourful patterns, the agency played with typefaces variety and illustrations to portray this fun side of the brand while still conveying premiumness. In each variant, you can spot the illustration of the peanut butter and choco brownie being somewhat distilled, a fun detail that depicts the natural aromas infused during the production process.

Adding more playfulness and a sense of sweet taste into the pack, a secondary icon that the agency calls 'the eaten barrel' was designed.

All the above elements were implemented with premium finishing. The use of hot-foil finishing, bubbly varnish and embossing help convey the brand's inspiration with an elevated premium touch to the overall presentation.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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