Oct 11, 2021

A closer look at skincare line Le soin by Plisson

Superga Beauty developed packaging and branding for a new skincare line by Plisson, a brand with a history that dates back to 1808.
Elisabeth Skoda

The history of Plisson has a long tradition in French luxury, having been founded in Paris in 1808 as a shaving brush manufacturer. Today, the family business offers a wide selection of products for men's hygiene and beauty, including a range of shaving products: razors, shaving brushes (natural or synthetic hair), cosmetics, hair brushes, beard and moustache brushes.

The new Le soin line sets out to present a bold offering for men of every generation. This new range has been manufactured in France at Superga Beauty's GMP-certified site in Montataire (BPS 60). Using natural ingredients, the products have been developed to satisfy the needs of men with exclusive fragrances and a product formulation that meets the sensory expectations of the high-end target group.

"The complexity of the project was to combine clean beauty and sensoriality, without compromising on effectiveness. A successful gamble with 95% of ingredients being of natural origin, modern textures and proven effectiveness," explains Gaël BOUTRY, who directed product development.

"In terms of design, Superga Beauty worked on a practical 125ml twist capsule bottle. Selected for its aesthetics and ease of use, the twist bottle has an elegant look with no detachable parts. An aluminium cap tops the 1/8 turn closure system."

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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