Jul 27, 2022

A closer look at Pearlfisher's design for Love Ocean

The reusable bottle is made from recycled plastics and sets out to remind consumers of the importance of ocean conservation.
Elisabeth Skoda

Love Ocean was awarded the Best of Health, Beauty, & Personal Care Packaging in the 2022 Dieline Awards, and gained further recognition in The Drum Design Awards in the Packaging Design category.

David Ramskov Hansen, Pearlfisher’s managing director said of the project “Gabi [Jennings, the founder] created the concept of Love Ocean in response to a lack of truly sustainable choices in the kids’ bath sector. We were privileged to play a part in visually and playfully telling one of the most important stories of our time about the power of ocean conservation and why we need to recycle and reuse. We wanted to create a structure that celebrated one of the wonderful creatures from our ocean, and this inspired the whale tail bottle structure and illustration—a positive call to action of what we are set to lose if we don't act now and educate all ages on the importance of protecting our oceans”.

The design

The Love Ocean brand was founded by Gabi Jennings in response to the disposable nature of products in the kids’ bath sector, and aims to become a "cherished part of every family’s bath-time routine." Pearlfisher's design was created as a talking point during bath time for parents to entertain their children with storytelling about the wonders of the ocean. The tail is a key feature of the brand, used above the brand name; its shape is reminiscent of a heart, linking to the brand name and a love for the ocean. It also evokes the fluidity of ocean waves and is set against a calming, sea spray-inspired, off-white and ocean blue colour palette. Produced from recycled plastic, it is fully recyclable and designed to be refilled and reused again via Love Ocean’s refillable pouches.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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