Sep 9, 2021

A lightweight glass bottle for cosmetics applications

diptyque has chosen Bormioli Luigi's ecoBottle for its summer body spray. The lightweight bottle design features a 10% ratio of PCR content.
Elisabeth Skoda

With its "new-generation" furnaces, Bormioli Luigi is responding to brands’ demands for increasing levels of PCR content. It is also innovating with what it describes as flexible industrial processes in line with demand for bottles that cater to multiple references.

Developped as a limited edition, diptyque's Citronelle et Géranium is a summer body spray with insect-repelling essential oils that make it both a fragrance and an anti-mosquito product. diptyque chose the ecoBottle design in lightweight glass with a 10% ratio of PCR content, which does not alter the purity of the glass, highlighting the content. For the 100ml format, the bottle weighs only 80g, a little more than half the weight of a traditional bottle with the same capacity. The screw pump facilitates recycling, as it can be removed, and allowed the brand to adapt an existing cap from the range.

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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