Aug 23, 2022

A closer look at Asda's new value range design - and the controversy around it

Design agency Our Creative devised a new brand identity for UK supermarket chain Asda's budget product range set to stand out on the shelf - which has provoked strong reactions.
Elisabeth Skoda

The aim of the redesign was to re-position Asda's 'Smart Price' and 'Farm Stores' range into one distinctive and cohesive proposition under the umbrella of the new 'Just Essentials' range.

Replacing the "tired, stale and dull" existing white value design with a brighter colour scheme set out to get rid of negative brand perceptions.

Our Creative put the Asda brand at the centre of the design and chose a yellow colour scheme that "feels optimistic and shines off shelf."

"Our brief was to reinvent the visual language of OPP in Asda and reposition these ranges under one brand, representing 'Everyday Value Essentials for all needs'. Our joyful, sunny yellow breaks the predictable white visual language of value design, it was chosen as it is bold, distinctive and optimistic," explained Our Creative managing director Kim Van Elkan.

The bright yellow colour, however, that has attracted some criticism. UK newspapers such as Metro and the Mirror, reported that some customers felt that the bright yellow packaging drew attention to people buying products from the budget range and acted as a 'poor marker'. On the other hand, other customers felt positive about the new design, stating that it made it easier for them to find the value products on the shelf.

Kim Van Elkan responded to the criticism by highlighting the fact that the new design made brand recognition easier on the supermarket shelf.

"Many of us are tightening our belts and we wanted to make it easy for people to find everyday essential products and make their money go further. This is about a mindset change, nobody should be shaming anybody due to their choice of product in store.  Our new design makes it easy for people to shop and find these great quality, cheaper lines.  Dare I say, I feel it’s a storm in a yellow tea cup!"

She also points out that consumer feedback has predominantly been positive.

"Asda’s feedback is that customers are 'loving' the range. The majority of online comments are overwhelmingly positive with customers praising Asda for the fantastic value."

Elisabeth Skoda

Editor of Touchpoints magazine, writer for Packaging Europe magazine and design enthusiast!
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